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We're at a breaking point in the workplace...

Only one in five (18%) of those currently in management roles demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others. That means over 80% of people in management positions don’t know how to lead.

Meanwhile, work pressures are driving high levels of burnout among Gen Zs and Millennials. Roughly half of Gen Zs (52%) and millennials (49%) feel burned out, up from 46% and 45% respectively in 2022. Yet many employees don’t feel comfortable speaking with their employer about their stressors as to not put their job at risk due to financial concerns.

Organizations have made progress post-pandemic, but there is still a massive disconnect.

It's time to close the gap...


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Employee Engagement

This is for you if you want to boost retention and become a top place to work in your industry by creating a highly interactive and empowering experience for your employees to support their growth and professional development.

Leadership Development

This is for you if you need a long-term strategic partner to work alongside your teams to build morale and trust with company leaders, increase productivity and resilience, bridge generational gaps, and optimize performance.

Async Partnership

This is for you if you need an accessible culture change sounding board. This async partnership includes open communication, resource sharing, and monthly virtual meetings.

the future of work is human-first

Most workers don't feel valued by their companies, which leads to burnout and high turnover. It's time to change that.

I’m going to show you how to care for your employees without sacrificing productivity by building human-centered KPIs into your company's planning and goals. You will not only boost employee morale and performance, but you will also set a new industry standard for positive workplace culture and improve quality of life for all workers.

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lost in productivity each year as a result of job burnout (yes, that's TRILLIONS)
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life to live, so help make it count to your employees.

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Employee Engagement

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per month. 8-week minimum commitment.

Leadership Development

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per month. 3-month minimum commitment.

Async Partnership

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per month. 3-month minimum commitment.

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Meet Danielle

I’m a future of work architect, consultant, and speaker focused on solving corporate challenges related to career and leadership development, employee engagement, and work-life balance.

With 12+ years of experience educating and empowering others and a certification in Life Design, my goal is to empower working professionals ― as well as the companies who employ them and the institutions who prepare them for the workforce — with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

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