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Burnout Proof Your Personal Brand

A Six-Week VIP Intensive for Career Changers.

Let's get real: Job offers don't go to the most qualified candidate, they go to the best job seeker.

I see you...

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Here's what's stopping you:
You don't have a clear personal brand.

It’s time to end the job search burnout once and for all & curate a powerful as f*ck personal brand so you can become a stand-out candidate for your ideal role.

Client Wins

Hiring Danielle is the best decision I ever made. A few months ago, I was in a dead-end job feeling defeated with nowhere to go. Danielle held me accountable: We peeled back a ton of layers, looked at my goals, time drains, money mindset, and overall health & well-being, and how that all plays a part into the energy I put into my career and life. She helped me apply for jobs I would've never thought I qualified for. Danielle has a powerful way of making you feel like you are getting somewhere. I wound up getting 2 competing job offers, making 2x what I was.
Stephanie M.
VIP Client

Client Wins

When I started Danielle's program, I was stuck in a Nanny position with no way out of that work field. I thought I didn't have enough skills to do anything else, but Danielle showed me how valuable my skill set is and how to transfer specific skills to a totally new work area/ job. I gained so much confidence in myself and abilities by the end of this program, that I no longer feel stuck and I can't wait what the future holds for me.
Sarah F.
VIP Client

Here's what's included

30-minute Kick-off Call

An initial call to prep for our intensive so I can pre-plan your potential branding materials and get to know everything about your career before I’m completely immersed in it!

5 Weekly Sessions

Five 1-hour sessions of 1:1 strategizing, creating, optimizing, and planning your completely customized, powerful AF personal brand.

Implementation Week

A built-in break mid-way through for you to dig into your career details behind-the-scenes.

Unlimited Voxer Access

Get access to me in between sessions so you can ask questions and get my feedback as you implement your new personal brand in your job search.


Implement actionable steps in between our sessions to keep you progressing in your job search so you'll know how to confidently change jobs long into the future.

Newly Developed Personal Brand

Create a personal branding statement that reflects your Zone of Genius.

Customized Resume & Cover Letter

Walk away with a completed resume and cover letter optimized for the Applicant Tracking System.

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Walk away with a keyword-rich online presence on LinkedIn so recruiters and hiring managers can start finding YOU.

Networking & Outreach Scripts

Receive customizable scripts to effectively reach out to your dream contacts and companies via LinkedIn and email on Day One.

Prepped Interview Answers

Walk away with prepped responses for your next interview, with a bulletproof method to answer the most common questions as well as memorable questions to ask your interviewers.

VIP Discount Access

Receive exclusive access to future services and discounts ONLY available to VIP clients after our initial time together.

Client Wins

Danielle’s extensive career knowledge has helped me conquer my fears and pursue new challenges and go for the roles that I deserve. When I started with Danielle I was terrified about applying for roles that I thought were out of my score but with exploring her ebook and talking to Danielle for support, she made me see how all my current experiences could be applied to these roles that I thought were unreachable. Booking intensives with Danielle was the best decision I ever made! Without her I’d still be looking call center jobs and now I’m getting interviews for Operation Manager roles and Project Manager roles. Before working with her, I was only getting interviews for roles in the 70K range and now I am getting interviews in the 120K range. She walks you though your resume and helps add/remove things that elevates your experience. She also has a way of speaking to people where I didn’t feel judged or embarrassed because I didn’t know certain things. She made me feel so comfortable and empowered to job hunt when before it felt like a dread. I’m forever grateful for you Danielle and I look forward to working with you again in the future. If you are looking for a great career & purpose coach , stop here, you’ve found her! You won’t regret it.
Johana T.
VIP Client

What results can you anticipate after our 6-week intensive?

Stand Out

Confidence that you can stand out among other job seekers for the roles and industries you want to be in.

Personal Brand

A powerful as f*ck personal brand that fully encapsulates your mission, vision, values, and Zones of Genius.


The confidence to NAIL interviews.

Job Search Materials

A brand spankin' new resume and cover letter that are impact-driven & tailored to the jobs you want to apply for, as well as a LinkedIn profile that gets seen by recruiters.

More Money!

More money! (Did I mention my clients see an average $30-40k salary increase?)

Hey! I'm Danielle.

I’ve been where you are. After a decade working as a marketing expert in fancy corporate jobs, the education industry, and multi-million dollar startups, I felt completely burnt out and unfulfilled.

I used to think the greatest risk was abandoning everything I worked so hard for, until I realized the bigger risk was not taking a chance on myself, and staying shackled to an old version of myself I had already outgrown.

From my humble beginnings as a broke, first-generation college student to earning six figures in my twenties and starting multiple businesses in my thirties, I know what it takes to make bold career moves.

Now, it’s my mission to help millennials and dream chasers who are tired of settling for “good enough,” and provide them with the tools, resources, and accountability to help them identify their self-sabotaging behaviors and remove the mental, emotional, and productivity blocks that keep them stuck in their personal and professional lives.

Client Wins

Catching the eye of a potential employer can be an arduous task on a normal day let alone during these unprecedented times. Working with Danielle helped make all of those pressures melt away and allowed me to focus on the more important aspect of job hunting like what I want out of my future employer. With the ease of writing a simple letter, Danielle extracts your most important and desirable qualities and artfully displays them for the world to see. Danielle not only has a wealth of knowledge but also possesses a deep sense of wisdom and expertly guides you to getting in touch with your best self. Working with Danielle has taught me to not only value myself but also to cherish what I have to offer to the world and having her in my corner cheering me on has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences.
Corey R.
VIP Client


I only work with 5 one-on-one clients at a time to give them the time and attention needed to make quick progress. Only 5 spots remaining for 2023.

Payment Plans Available.

Client Wins

Danielle is a miracle worker when it comes to resumes and cover letters! She took my sad excuse for a resume and transformed it into something I can be proud of. It gave me newfound confidence while applying for jobs in a new career path. She tailored the descriptions of my various past experience so that it would more closely align with what the new jobs were looking for in a candidate. With her help I was able to get many interviews and had two competing offers. In the end, I went with my gut to pick an exciting new career opportunity.
Vered G.
VIP Client

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