Danielle Roberts

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There’s no way people are changing career paths without going back to school or taking a pay cut. . .right?!


Finding your Zone of Genius is the first step to figuring out what you want to do next before building your personal brand applying to new jobs, or deciding if you want to go back to school. Get the workshop and templates that are helping other career changers find direction and make pivots…even if they don’t feel qualified.

Let me know if you can relate


The Zone of Genius Workshop

Your fast-pass to a career aligned with your purpose, values, and impact.

Stop scrolling job boards for the "right" job title and work smarter, not harder:

What's Included

Zone of Genius Mini-Lesson

Career Search Strategy Template

ChatGPT Prompts

Hey, I'm Danielle!

THE anti-career coach and your self-proclaimed cool gay millennial aunt.

I went from being a burnt-out, people-pleasing workaholic in Corporate America to building a fulfilling as f*ck career (and life) in two years.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people change their relationship with work and uncover job opportunities aligned with their unique values, natural strengths, and skills.

If you want an energizing, sustainable, anti-cringe career search strategy…I’m your woman.

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